The Skills to Preserve the Leather Handbag

Let’s see what the problems are when using the leather handbag.

1, Water damage;
2, Softness and elasticity are lost;
A genuine leather bag is an accessory created for lasting in the time. That first quality material will stay well as same as when you bought it if you take care applying some simple tips.
If it is true that the skin is naturally waterproof, water is not its best friend and can stain it. So as first, we recommend to keep bags, backpacks or suitcases in genuine leather away from rain. If the skin is smooth and allows it, you can use a waterproofing spray for leather bags that will help to withstand the water and the stains.
It is important to maintain and to protect the purse, by this way the skin will still as soft and elastic as when you buy it! Nourish regularly the leather applying a special cream . You must apply it by using a soft cloth with which you will make small circular movements to avoid traces; be delicate and respect the natural sense of the leather.
Remember that before apply any product on the whole surface of your precious purse, test it on an invisible small part or on the inferior part.
Do not use any product! A leather shoe cream can be too aggressive for a lesther bag because the leather of the bag is generally thinner than footwear.
Then let’s see how to preserve your geniue leather bags?
When you don't use your bag for a certain period, it's important to stow it by following a few simple steps.

  • Insert a cloth padding inside the bag to prevent the bag from creasing (do not fill with newspaper sheets because they attract humidity)
  • Insert the bag in a cloth or yuta protection bag (normally sold with the product)
  • Store the bag in a ventilated place to prevent moisture and mold growth
  • Keep the bag away from areas too exposed to light
All genuine leather products are quite delicate, so when you're wearing a bag you have to be careful to don’t hit it on sharp surfaces that could scratch or damage it. In the same way you should avoid placing the bag on the ground in public places such as stations, restaurants or bars, where it could stain and ruin irreparably.
Unlike the woman purses, suitcases and backpacks in geniue leather assume with the time and the use particular tones that make even more her beautiful and "lived." Folds and usury confer to these products a particular charm that you/they make them companions of trip and adventure inseparable.

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