We are specializing in both genuine leather goods and vegan leather goods.


The strength of our quality leather goods production comes from numerous, minute quality controls: from the selection of hardware to the impeccable leathers we select and adapt to customers' requirements.


BK-100-011 Leather Handbag ODM

BK-100-012 Vegan Leather Bucket Bag OEM

BK-100-008 Leather Handbag Manufacturer

BK-100-021 Leather Handbag Factory

BK-100-010 Leather Handbag Manufacturer in China

BK-100-015 Backpack Manufacturer in China

BK-100-016 Vegan Handbag Manufacturer in China

BK-100-017 Women's Leather Handbag Manufacturer

BK-100-018 Leather Handbag Factory in China

BK-100-020 Leather Bag Manufacturer

BK-100-021 Leather Tote Bag OEM

BK-100-023 Women's Handbag Manufacturer in China


BK-101-011 Men's Leather Handbag ODM Factory

BK-101-022 Vegan Leather Men's Bag OEM

BK-101-008 Leather Handbag Manufacturer

BK-101-021 Genuine Leather Handbag Factory in China

BK-101-010 Leather Handbag Manufacturer in China

BK-101-015 Leather Briefcase Manufacturer in China

BK-101-016 Vegan Handbag Manufacturer in China

BK-101-017 Men's Leather Handbag Manufacturer

BK-101-018 Leather Travelling Bag Factory in China

BK-101-020 Leather Backpack Manufacturer

BK-101-021 Leather Backpack OEM Factory in China

BK-101-023 Leather Backpack OEM Manufacturer in China

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