How Coronavirus Impact Fashion

Handbag, especially leather bag, is one of important fashion item, China handbag manufacturer is the producer of such fashion item. During the period of coronavirus, how the fashion is impacted? BOMKOO Leather Products factory collected some news about that.

Coronavirus lockdowns have left clothes stores with weeks of unsold goods on their hands and now it is the time for the industry to rethink how it can become more sustainable. So does to leather bags. There is a popular saying that as confinement measures keep shoppers at home and stores shut, the global fashion industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic – from suppliers to designers and retailers.

"As you’re sat at home and you’re not going out to events, to dinners restaurants, into work, the need for fashion items – or really the opportunity to buy – just isn’t there,". Just as the stores, the sector is now leather goods factory facing what we called an "inventory crisis" that has left many with unwanted stock, even cancelled orders. This is horrible.

"The goods had been produced already, ready to go in-store before this lockdown came," Some factory said,” This situation is posing a cash flow problem within the industry.”

Fashion weeks in Paris and Milan have been scrapped altogether due to coronavirus restrictions. The London Fashion Week, meanwhile, is changing its format – and going fully digital, at least while the pandemic continues to disrupt business.

Many designers actually won’t have a collection to showcase because their manufacturers are still closed or only starting to open.

“Of course we’re looking to China, who is coming through this, to look at how consumer behavior is responding. During London Fashion Week, those that are selling their collections to a trade audience will be for deliveries right at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. And you can imagine for retailers, trying to plan for what consumer behaviors are going to be like in six months’ time is an incredible challenge,” Somebody said.

Now the spread of the coronavirus is under control in somewhere in the world, but it still keeps spreading in some countries, and its influence will exist for a long time. The fashion, would be in a low ebb for some time. However in the most important fashion products manufacturing basis and consuming market, China, everything is recovering, such as in the leather goods manufacturers in Guangzhou, the production is carrying through well now.

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