Backpack and Travel

Why not make it an eco friendly backpack when choosing a new backpack for your travel adventures? There are many small and large brands making sustainable backpacks in different ways. It can be by supporting local economies, using eco friendly material or even making recycled backpacks. While it can be hard to find the backpack that fits you in the first place, it can be daunting trying to also find one that has as little impact on the environment as possible. That’s why the backpack manufacturer BOMKOO asked the experts about their favorite eco friendly backpacks.

Nylon backpack or canvas backpack is the best choice for travelling. Light self-weight and big capacity is the advantage of such backpacks. In travelling, you devote yourself into enjoying the beautiful scenery, cate and shopping, you are enjoying the relaxation, so your backpack must be not the burden to you and of course can hold everything of you. Besides, there are so many styles and colors of nylon or canvas backpack, everybody can get the right one for him only.

Leather backpack looks luxurious. If you are having a short travelling, it is a good choice. Since the leather backpack has much heavier self-weight and limited capacity, you many only put your cosmetics as well as phone in it, don’t expect it can hold much.

BOMKOO Leather Goods Factory is a manufacturer professional in designing and producing all kinds of backpack including nylon backpack, canvas backpack, leather backpack, and schoolbag. The customers are welcome to send BOMKOO the ideas, drawings, pictures and gold sample to develop and produce backpack in BOMKOO.

Get the right backpack and enjoy your great travelling!

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