Lean Production Line in Leather Goods Factory


Regarding this topic, let’s see what Lean Production is first.

Lean production is a systematic manufacturing method used for eliminating waste within the manufacturing system. It takes into account the waste generated from uneven workloads and overburden and then reduces them in order to increase value and reduce costs. The word ”lean” in the term simply means no excess, so lean production can be translated simply into minimal waste manufacturing.

Since the idea of Lean production came into being, many enterprises study and set up it. Even though the leather bags manufacturing is a handicraft industry, BOMKOO Leather Products factory built own Lean Production lines. What the advantages of the Lean Production Lines?

A.   To fulfill the high-end leather goods. Small quantity but high quality standard is the requests of such leather goods. In BOMKOO, we built the special lines in our sample room to make such high quality leather products.

B.   To fulfill the small quantity quick run orders. These orders are mainly from some online shops. Online shopping is more and more popular, and the characteristic of such orders are fast delivery and reasonable price. In BOMKOO, we built 5 Lean Production lines in the workshop for such orders. We are the leather goods supplies of more and more online shops and platforms.

C.   We do the pilot run of big orders in the Lean Production lines to support customers with new leather products development.

Our production capacity has been enhanced greatly by the Lean Production lines, we are one of the most flexible leather goods factory now.

In next article, we will talk about our leather products automatic production lines.

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