Automatic Production Line in Leather Goods Factory

In BMK, both automatic production line and Lean Production line are built.

The leather products is a traditional industry, even to today, hand-made leather goods is still popular somewhere. However, with the popular of the leather goods, especially the popular of the online shopping, the request of the leather goods has been increased much. And, the quality standard of leather products is more and more standardized, the standard production process of leather goods is required. To meet this requirement, BMK Leather Goods Factory has built the automatic production lines. With the automatic production lines, the production efficiency, stability and quality levels are improved again. Let’s see the advantage of the automatic production lines in BMK Leather Goods Factory.

First, BMK Leather Goods Factory is able to handle the very big volume order for its efficiency, stability and quality levels are improved. Then the cost is down. And the production lead time is shortened. And in such conditions, the flow of the workers is slow so the quality of the products is ensured again. That means there is a very virtuous circle in BMK Leather Goods Factory. There is no doubt that when you come to BMK Leather Goods Factory, you will never leave us.

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