What a Leather Bags Factory can do for customers?

A leather bags factory is the manufacturer who produces leather bags per customers’ requirements, samples, or designs.



The leather bag factory such as BOMKOO Leather Products Factory can provide the following service to customers.


A>     ODM support of leather bags.

Customers are welcome to send ideas, drawings, pictures, or reference samples to the leather bag factory BOMKOO, BOMKOO will make prototype of the bag per customers’ requirement. Customers could make revisions on prototypes till the final sample is confirmed.


B>     Pilot run of leather bags.

After the final sample of the leather bag is confirmed, BOMKOO will make some small quantity production as the pilot run.


C>     Designing packaging method and material for leather bags.


D>    Testing leather bags per customers’ requirements.

Professional leather bags factory BOMKOO owns many professional test equipment, can test the quality and function of leather bags. Also, BOMKOO can send bags to the authorized organization if customers request and provide test reports to customers.


E>     Mass production of leather bags.

Both small volume and big volume are available in the leather bags factory.


F>      Quality inspection.

The leather bag factory BOMKOO can make the quality inspection on bags per confirmed standards, and get through the inspection of the authorized organizations, and provide the inspection report.


G>    Logistics Service.

With the strong support of the logistics team, the leather bag factory BOMKOO will deliver the leather bags to customers in the cost-effective way rapidly and safely.

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